About Rita...

"There is nothing that brings me more joy than
presiding over ceremonies where individuals
make their sacred vows to one another...
I am blessed to have the extraordinary
privilege of witnessing their celebration of love,
sealing their union and sending more love
out into the world, two hearts at a time."

Rita Skelly is an ordained minister of Spiritual Science who moved to the southwest ten years ago from the tiny state of Delaware. After visiting Santa Fe, she quickly fell in love with the city's beauty as well as its eclectic, free-spirited vibe and culture. She resultantly chose to relocate from the East coast and settle in the area full-time. 


Formerly a teacher within the primary grades, over time Rita's expanding interests led her to pursue a new and different route. In the year 2000 she graduated from the Baltimore Spiritual Science Center in Maryland, which is dedicated to teaching comparative religions, philosophy and service to humanity.


Afterward, in order to more fully experience her own true inner nature, Rita chose to venture out following this new direction so that she might experience more of all that life has to offer. As a massage therapist and holistic educator, she resultantly discovered her passion is her own relationship to her sacred Self. With this personal unfolding, Rita has been able to create an expanded perspective with a deeper love of herself which carries over to others. By healing herself and sharing her gifts of love and laughter, she is working to serve the world by helping to grow a New Earth. Her ongoing quest is to eliminate fear and rest in her original state of inner peace and Divine Intelligence.  


As a spiritual practice, Rita finds that Laughter Yoga keeps her not only flexible,  but joy-filled and enthusiastic about life. In addition to meeting new people and spending time with her circle of friends, Rita loves nature, the great outdoors, and animals -- especially dogs. She is also available to house and pet sit for clients who reside in Santa Fe. 

Since her ordination, she has performed scores of weddings in such diverse settings as local museums, parks, hotels, beaches, mountain tops, spiritual centers, homes and historical sites. The many wedded couples she has worked with have included individuals aged 20 to 70, who hail from all sorts of backgrounds and orientations. She emphasizes that couples use personalized and unique expressions of their love within their own special ceremony. Examples of ceremonies she has helped to facilitate include sacred rituals such as the Native American blanket ceremony, Quaker ceremony and Buddhist ceremony. 

Additional education background:

BA in Education,  Gwyned Mercy College, MA in Organizational Development, Antioch College.